Fireworks Safety Tips

The National Council on Fireworks Safety

Since it’s that time of year and since I once was a teenager and understand how foolish boys can be with fireworks…

The X-Plan: Giving Your Kids a Way Out

Bert Fulks Blog
February 23, 2017

This blog post, written by a dad with teenagers living at home, contains far more wisdom than anything I could have posted myself this week. The article, which went viral earlier this year, describes a creative plan that Bert and his family use if their teens get stuck in a sticky social situation. Even if you don’t fully agree with his plan or use it with your own kids, Bert raises a lot of good questions about trust between parents and their kids.

I bounced around Bert’s blog and read a few other posts that I don’t necessarily agree with 100%, but I love the X-Plan!

Middle School Boys and Church

Ken Castor, who is a nationally-known youth ministry thought leader, wrote this wonderful blog post about middle school boys and church. He challenges adults to consider a middle schooler’s perspective when planning church services in order to reach the next generation.

Help! I’m A Terrible Small Group Leader

More Than Dodgeball
October, 16, 2014

This article is written by Kurt Johnston. Trust me, he’s not a terrible small group leader. He’s one of the country’s foremost experts on middle school ministry. Here’s his humble, transparent perspective on leading a middle school small group. I can’t wait for my ministry’s new 7th grade students to join small groups this fall!

Parents’ Guide to Instagram

In my experience Instagram is far and away the most popular social media platform used by middle schoolers. Here’s a helpful guide if your son is asking to use Instagram or if he is currently using it.

The Value of Middle School Small Groups
August 2007

Youth ministries all over are gearing up to kick off their small group ministry this fall. As you prepare to lead your own small group or as your student begins meeting with his small group, here’s why this author thinks small groups are valuable.

13th Birthday Idea

North Point Church

You may have heard of North Point Church’s lead pastor—Andy Stanley. I highly respect his leadership and communication skills, so I periodically check out the North Point middle school ministry website to get ideas. I stumbled across this excellent resource for parents that gives some ideas for how you can create a memorable and significant 13th birthday experience for your kids. Has your child already had their 13th birthday? No problem! No one’s stopping you from using this to celebrate their 14th or 15th birthday!