My Blog Is Three Years Old!

Three years ago I was graduating from seminary and looking for a new project to pursue outside of work. My friends Josh and Danna strongly encouraged me to start this blog. I’m grateful for their initial prodding and for the encouragement that you, my readers, have provided along the way.

Here are some fun stats from the past three years at

  • I have made more than 200 posts, many of them coming from guest writers.
  • Three of my top ten most-viewed posts are from guest writers. The #1 most-viewed post was one written by my friend Susan about parenting teenage boys. The most popular post that I wrote myself was, of all things, about blow dart wars.
  • More than 20,000 different people have viewed my blog at one time or another and all those people have contributed more than 50,000 total page views.
  • My blog readers are located in the US, Russia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, and Japan, among other countries.
  • A majority of my readers are between ages 25 and 44. Roughly half are men and half are women. I don’t know how Google Analytics can track all that stuff, but it’s fun to see the data!

I can’t explain why God has given me such a deep admiration and respect for middle school boys. All I know is that middle school is a critical stage and I love helping other adults embrace such an exciting, weird, and eye-opening time in boys’ lives!