Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I’ll be back with regular posts next week. In the meantime I hope you have a relaxing, refreshing time with family and friends!

Merry Christmas! I’ll return with regular posts next week. Enjoy your time friends and family!
Whatever It Takes To Connect

Use whatever opportunities are right in front of you to connect with your kids and students. As a former hockey player, this was a particularly fun way to have a conversation!

Cereal Party!

Here’s a fun idea to try with a group of middle school boys: One time I went to the grocery store with some students and we bought four or five boxes of different sugary cereal. Then we went back to one of the guy’s houses and had a cereal party where we consumed bowl after bowl of yummy goodness. One guy really got into it and brought a special cereal-eating spoon. It wasn’t the healthiest meal ever and my stomach hurt afterward but it was totally worth the experience!

How to Turn a Trip to a Home Improvement Store Into a Memorable Experience

I got this idea from a youth pastor friend of mine. He wanted to connect with some middle schoolers from his church so he took a group of boys to a local home improvement store. My friend instructed the boys to go find the one item in the store they would want to have if there was ever a zombie apocalypse. (He and I don’t actually think a zombie apocalypse would ever happen, but the idea gets middle school boys excited.) The boys had some time to search around the store before coming together to show off their weapon of choice. The smiles on their faces suggest they had an awesome time.

Summer Idea: Capture The Flag

Middle school students LOVE playing Capture The Flag. I don’t know why they like it so much; they just do, whether it’s 4-on-4 at someone’s house or 20-on-20 at their church. In case you forgot how to play, click here for a quick refresher. Summer is a perfect time for this game. We’re playing Capture The Flag with my students this summer and I’d recommend you organize a game for your middle schoolers sometime soon, too.

Random Tip: Sunglasses

Over the years I have discovered that middle school boys love wearing sunglasses. So I went to a store and bought a few pairs of colorful $5 shades to keep in my car at all times. That way when I’m driving students around we can all look cool together. The boys think it’s so fun!

Summer Idea: The Swimming Pool Dunk Chair

Summer is just around the corner. Middle school boys love swimming! I discovered a fun swimming pool game that you can play with middle school boys that doesn’t require you to get wet. Get a plastic lawn or patio chair and set it on the edge of the pool at the deep end. Have a kid sit in the chair and ask him any random trivia question. If he gets the question right, he gets out of the chair and is safe. If he gets the question wrong you tip the chair into the water and he falls in! It’s simple, but middle school boys love it.

One Reason To Love Middle School Boys…

…Is because they are willing to be goofy and don’t care what other people think. In other words, that means being excited to have dolphins and rainbows painted on your face and then trying to act tough when people take pictures of you.

Helpful Perspective

Don’t lose sight of the fact that middle school boys eventually grow up to become high school boys, and then young adults, and then older adults, and then…you get the idea. Seeing middle schoolers mature into high school and young adulthood is one of my favorite parts about ministry! All of these guys were once middle school students of mine.