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This blog is for parents and youth workers who want to feel confident and encouraged as they guide boys through the middle school years. Think back to when you were in middle school, even if doing so causes you residual emotional pain. Did you…

  • Have a crush on someone of the opposite gender for the first time?
  • Experience anxiety as you tried to figure out who to sit by at lunch?
  • Try too hard to fit in with the popular crowd?
  • Get braces?
  • Start shaving your face (guys) or your legs (girls)?

No matter how much you remember, you experienced a lot of change in a short amount of time. The young teenage years are some of the most developmentally significant years of a person’s life as they begin the transition from childhood to adulthood. In fact, researchers claim that besides the first two years of life we never experience more rapid development than during middle school.

Enduring all that change in such a short period of time is not easy for anyone. Middle school is difficult for kids themselves, but it’s also difficult for the adults who love them. Young teenagers are confusing, frustrating, and lovable all at the same time. Sometimes he reminds you of the sweet little boy he used to be, while at other times you catch glimpses of a strange new person developing right in front of your eyes.

Middle school boys can be obnoxious, squirrelly, smelly, inarticulate, and impulsive. At the same time we they are also capable of being kind, gentle, compassionate, thoughtful, silly, and a whole lot of fun.

Walking with boys through their middle school years is no small task, but I want to help you by sharing from my own experience as a middle school boy and more recently from my nine years working in middle school ministry.

I’m not content with simply enduring this stage, keeping these strange boys at arm’s length, and expecting them to become mature young men on their own. If you’re like most of my readers, you feel the same way. You have an incredible opportunity to make a difference in boys’ lives. Middle school is exciting because young teenagers are highly impressionable. Plus life with middle school boys can actually be enjoyable!

Walking alongside middle school boys has brought me great joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment in my life. I hope this blog can help you have the same experience as you guide the boys you love.

Blog Basics
I blog on topics like:

  • Understanding the unique behavior of middle school boys
  • Connecting with them through conversations
  • Having fun with them
  • Mentoring them
  • Disciplining them

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