Happy Birthday, Blog!

joebudish.com is officially a toddler

joebudish.com turns two years old today! At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I should embark on this blogging endeavor but my friend Danna gave me the extra push I needed to start in the summer of 2014. I’m glad she pushed me! Here are three things I’ve learned from blogging over the past two years:

Apparently I liked swimming as a two year-old.
  1. Blogging consistently is harder than it seems. Everybody likes the idea of starting a blog but I have discovered it takes a lot of work to post regularly! I enjoy the challenge of continually creating high-quality content.
  2. My most popular posts have been guest posts from moms of middle school boys. I am not offended that my own material has not received as much attention. On the contrary, I am grateful that other people are willing to contribute to the blog and am overjoyed that readers have responded with such enthusiasm!
  3. The number one benefit I’ve received from blogging has been increased connection and rapport from parents of students. I cherish the interactions and feedback I’ve received from parents who read my blog!

I want to continue making new posts regularly throughout the summer and into the school year. I honestly don’t know exactly what the distant future holds for joebudish.com but I’m okay with not knowing all the answers. Here’s to the future of joebudish.com!!! Hopefully the blog can avoid the “terrible twos!”