Why I’m Done Blogging About Middle School Boys

I am done writing new posts about middle school boys at joebudish.com.

“Why, Joe?”

Life has seasons. I sense that this season of blogging has ended.

This is how a spazzy middle school boy waves goodbye.

“Can you say more about that?”

It’s been a wonderful 3+ plus years on this blog but my enthusiasm for writing has waned recently. I began struggling to generate ideas for new high-quality posts. I could probably continue making mediocre posts on an inconsistent basis, but that’s not how I roll. If I can’t do it well and do it consistently, I’d prefer to not do it—especially because blogging requires a big time investment for me.

“Does this mean you no longer feel passionate about middle school ministry?”

I love middle school ministry! Middle school boys are still some of my favorite people in the world.

“Are you moving or changing jobs?”

No. I have lots of anticipation as I begin my fifth year of middle school ministry at Valley Church in West Des Moines, IA. I’ve probably never been more excited about the potential for the ministry that I lead!

“What will happen to joebudish.com and all the content that you’ve posted?”

I won’t make any significant changes to the website for now. All the posts I’ve made will be available for readers to view; I just won’t be updating or changing the site. I invite you to continue sharing content from this site with friends and family members.

“Is there anything you want to say to me, one of your supportive blog readers?”

I’m glad you asked! Thank you for supporting me by reading, commenting on, and sharing my posts. You have all encouraged me significantly. Thank you to the handful of blog readers who wrote guest posts. If this blog has positively informed, equipped, or encouraged you, then praise God! He created middle school boys, he is responsible for my ability to connect with those boys, and he enabled me to share my thoughts with you. Even though I’m moving on from this blog I remain committed to bringing him glory in every way possible.